Bellevue schools are as important to every individual student as they are to the system and health of our city: working on our school system and making sure that every student has the opportunity and support they need to succeed is a key part of working against the social and economic stratification present across our city, as well as the nation. Johan is dedicated towards equity and equality for the people of Bellevue, working to allay the problems caused by systematic discrimination and inequality, and working to get to the cores of these issues, changing the systems and processes that contribute and result in the blight of discrimination. Our schools are an important part of this process, and we can work at this process by ensuring that every student in Bellevue gets the best teachers, best support, best programming and best educational practices we can give them. Johan will work to ensure that all of Bellevue's schools meet this standard, and that every student has the systematic support they need to succeed at the highest level.