About Johan

Johan Christensen was raised in Bellevue, spending much of his time in Bellevue parks and schools. From elementary school at both Stevenson and Medina, middle school at Odle, and high school at Sammamish, Johan knows Bellevue's educational system from the inside.

Johan holds a Master's Degree from the University of Chicago in philosophy, putting emphasis on legal and political theory. He then taught writing to first-year students there at the University of Chicago, until the coronavirus pandemic. Upon the lockdowns, Johan returned to Bellevue to work and be close to family and friends.

As Bellevue moves into the future, Johan is committed to focusing on the people living in Bellevue, and ensuring that opportunities are open to everyone, not just the largest of corporations, in Bellevue. As City Counselor, Johan would ensure that Bellevue's arts and parks are developed alongside Bellevue's private development, that Bellevue schools go above and beyond the nation and state's standards, and that Bellevue remains a place you want to raise a family.

Outside of politics, Johan enjoys reading (current book: Helen Dewitt's The Last Samurai), playing guitar, teaching himself new skills such as coding and tennis, and watching far too much of X-Files.