Arts in Bellevue

With the massive expansion of private businesses, Bellevue must ensure that it retains its history of diversity and public programming, in order for the city to continue to be the welcoming and idyllic city that it is. At the same time, with the influx of capital the Bellevue's growth offers, the city faces a remarkable opportunity to cultivate world-class arts and music programs, and foster the spirit of culture that allows for Bellevue to be a wonderful place to both move to and raise a family.

Johan strongly supports the funding of P.A.C.E. (Performing Arts Center Eastside, previously Takeuchi Center), as well as funding artistic, musical, and cultural events in the Crossroads area. As councilman, Johan will support the introduction of compelling, entertaining, and accessible programs, such as a Bellevue Symphony or Theatre, children's day camps, and arts in Bellevue schools, in order to achieve these goals. Investing in the arts in Bellevue is an important step in Bellevue's development, one that Johan will not skip. The creation of new centers and events for public access will greatly add to life in our city, both now, and for generations to come.